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Pattaya Girls, Bars, Hotels and Nightlife

Get the Pattaya nightlife guide This website is a valuable resource for men planning a holiday to Pattaya Thailand or even planning to live in Pattaya or another region of Thailand. Information about Thai girls, Pattaya girls ,sexy Thai soapy massage girls, sexy Thai bar girls, Thai visas, Thai shopping, hotels, bars, Thai banks, business, transport, Thai massage, Thai transvestites,attractions; beaches, indoor shows, night life and surviving Pattaya.

This website is for you. It will help you save money and be your guide for an outrageous vacation in Thailand. Come to Pattaya Thailand, it will change your life.

We will give you some sound advice about Thai bar girls, Go Go Bar Girls and dating Thai girls. Where to find sexy Thai girls, sexy massage girls and bar girls.

Inside you will find helpful statistics about the sex trade in Thailand. Have you had sex in Thailand? We have a full page about the Thai bar girls in sexy Soi 6.

Read this website and learn how to get laid in Pattaya without getting scammed. 

Pattaya Bar Girls

Short Time Bars

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Short time bars in Pattaya Thailand Pattaya girls Soi Six girls Pattaya bar girls work rules Videos of Pattaya girls recorded in Walking Street

Thailand Hotels

Best hotel rates for Pattaya and other cities in Thailand

Thai girl lover guide
Bangkok Chiang Rai
Phuket Koh Chang
Krabi Koh Samui
Pattaya Koh Phangan
Hua Hin Koh Tao
Chiang Mai Koh Samet

Thai Visas

Click to go to Thai Visa page
Llists the types of visas available for your journey to Thailand. Most Thai visas must be applied for in your own country before your departure.However if you plan to stay in Thailand less than one month you can obtain a 30 day Thai visa on arrival at the Bangkok airport . More about Thai visa

Attractions in Pattaya

Would women (Pattaya girls) and nightlife be the main attractions in Pattaya? Although Pattaya is well known as "Party City" and the best place in the world for any man to "pick up a chick", or a Pattaya girl ( Thai bar girl ), and have the time of his life, it also equally satisfies the needs of single women, couples and families.

Our " Attractions" pages introduces you to beaches and islands around Pattaya, indoor shows, nightlife for all ages, interesting outdoor places such as Nong Nooch Gardens, zoos, elephant villages, museums and water sport parks.

Transvestites, Thai ladyboys, are a popular attraction here in Pattaya. The Pattaya "Indoor Shows" page features some of Thailands most beautiful Thai ladyboys or transvestites.

Outdoor Fun | Indoor Shows Ladyboys | Beaches and Islands | Wind Turbines Have fun!

Pattaya Massage Parlors

(Thai Soapy Massage)

It is difficult to estimate how many massage parlors can be found in Pattaya. We have listed 23 massage parlors in our directory. This massage service is unique to Thailand. Quite often referred to as the "Fish Bowl" because the sexy masssage girls are seated behind a plate glass window awaiting your selection. At these massage parlors you can engage the services of a very pretty masseuse for one or two hours. More about soapy massage parlors and what goes on inside the Thai soapy massage parlors.

Hotels Thailand

The Accommodation page offers some decent, reasonably priced, friendly hotels and apartments for your stay in Pattaya and other destinations in Thailand.
Check out our list of Pattaya hotels including personal comments from foreigners who have stayed in them. We tell you about the locality of the hotel, food, noise, service, staff, type of guests and lots more. We have stayed in or utilised the services of the hotels on our Pattaya Hotel list. You can also book a hotel on line through our affiliated;
on line booking service. Features lots of photos of the Pattaya hotels and other hotels in Thailand.

Pattaya Transport

Discusses the various methods of getting around in Pattaya. Buying a car.
Buying a motorbike. Insurance. Motorbike insurance Motorbike Hire and Car Hire
How to save money on your taxi fares. How to get a Thai driver's licence

View baht bus in Pattaya

Jobs In Thailand

Useful tips about jobs in the Land Of Smiles Thailand. There are hundreds of opportunities for jobs in Thailand. Many foreigners live and work in Thailand. Some fall in love with Thai bar girls and want to stay for ever. Do you want to teach English in Thailand?
Read more about Jobs in Thailand

Geting To Pattaya

We have devoted a lot of space to this topic to give you many alternative ways such as bus, taxi, limo and train to safely get to Pattaya from the Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok.
Always be careful when you first arrive in Thailand. more

Thai Massage

Thai massage and foot massage clinics in abundance here in Pattaya insure that where ever you go in fun city you can be relaxed.Massage plays an important role in our lifestyle. We have tried many of the foot massage clinics and Thai Traditional massage clinics. More about Thai Massage.

Pattaya Shopping

Where to shop for what. There is a vast range of shopping to be had in Pattaya. We don't claim to be experts on this topic but you can sure do a lot of shopping in Pattaya if you stay here for fourteen years. We mention a few of the most popular places to shop plus one wholesale center that not many tourists would know about. (more)

Pattaya Mini Directory

Have you ever tried to find a specific type of business in Pattaya such as an internet cafe, a golf club, a dive shop or a book shop?
In the Directories section you will find a table displaying 12 popular business categories. There you will find telephone numbers and addresses of various businesses in Pattaya. For example in the dive shop category you will find 29 dive shops listed for Pattaya.

If you plan to call any of these businesses from a country outside Thailand we recommend you read our Cheap Calls page before you call.

Thai Money

is the medium that will sustain your fun and keep you relaxed and your Thai girl happy. On the Banks and Thai Money page you will find information about Thai banks, exchange rates, credit cards, ATM's, Thai currency and security issues in Pattaya. Also on the Banks and Money page is a link to our Thai Banks page which offers links to the web sites of 18 banks operating in Thailand. (more)

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